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Your search for the top-tier roofing contractors in Wausau, WI has come to an end! Our professional roofing companies in Wausau set the bar for all things roofing and repairs, replacement and maintenance. With years of expertise under our belts, your home is in good hands. Whether you are looking to have a small portion of your roof repaired, or require a roof installed on several newly built office buildings, we are the go to roofing contractor in Wausau, WI and can handle projects of all sizes. You can expect expert workmanship, a friendly crew of craftsmen that work energetically on your houses to get your roofing project completed in a timely manner. Reach out today to schedule your Wausau roofing project by calling 123 111 2345 or getting a quote.

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If your roof is experiencing issues such as leaks or any other problem, whether it is due to the age of your roof or a recent weather event, our Wausau roof repair specialists are ready to take on the job. In addition to repairing current issues, our technicians will gauge the present condition of your roof to inspect potential problems that could arise in the future, these can save money and time over the long haul. Every roof repair job varies from property to property so to learn more about our Wausau roof repair pricing, it is best to reach out to our friendly team to schedule a meeting where our professional will precisely inspect the necessary Wausau roof repairs. Give us a call today at +1 123 111 2345 or request an estimate.

Roof Installation and Replacement

Every roof that is installed has a designated timeline of its useful life. This timeline of when a roof requires replacement is generally determined by the costs associated with repairing a roof. Some repairs can become so costly, that the only logical decision is to replace your entire roof. Our Wausau, WI roofing company can work with your homeowners insurance to make the determination. Since every home or commercial property’s roof is different than the neighboring roofs, pricing will vary tremendously. Wausau roof replacement and installation prices are determined by several factors, including the area of how much existing material must be extracted and the amount new material installed. Also playing a factor, is the pitch of the roof, the type of roof materials used, accessibility to the work areas, and height of your roof. When your roof is at the point where it is past its useful life, or you are constructing a new home and require a new roof installed in Wausau, WI, call today at +1 123 111 2345 or get a quote.

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